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Current Protected

2000 watts

The maximum power is 3500 watts for 10 seconds to start the engines


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This device prevents damage to your devices connected to the outlet in the event of mains fluctuations or lightning strikes. It also contains a time delay to protect engines such as air conditioners and refrigerators. The main devices that you can use are;



Computer / Notebook

Sound system


air conditioner

Microwave oven


Why the current shielded socket?

Harmful storm waves can travel through electrical installations and damage your electronic equipment. Even small daily fluctuations can reduce the performance of your electronic devices and shorten their life. The current protection circuit of the socket provides the highest level of additional protection for LCD and LED screens, satellite receivers, oven, air conditioner, computer, other sensitive electronic devices, and connected devices

The device has a capacity of 2000 watts in normal mode and up to 3500 watts when the startup of the engine

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